First Post

It's been a long time coming, but I'm venturing out into the world of personal software development. A little scary, but exciting too.

I've been a developer for nearly 20 years including school, but never found the right problem to solve via software at a personal level. But this year I've finally found it. Last year, we had to replace our a/c system and put in a Daikin Fit system. It is a fantastic system that comes with a proprietary Daikin One+ smart thermostat. The thermostat UI and associated iOS leave quite a bit to be desired, especially in the area of its (non-existent) Apple HomeKit support.

I've always been deep into the Apple ecosystem and have used Homebridge for a number of years with various unsupported IoT devices to great success. However, there was no plugin supporting this Daikin thermostat. Thus a problem needing to be solved was born. With the help of a couple of repos that did a great job discovering the Daikin API, I translated that into a homebridge plugin over the past couple of months. Tonight I published the initial version as the homebridge-daikin-oneplus plugin. It is exciting to see it working on my homebridge installation for real and not just testing it. I'm quite positive there'll be bugs and I probably forgot to taken something or other into account. But that's part of the software process.

So here's to future projects and new experiences.